Master des Monats

Der Master of Animation and Visualisation der University of Technology Sydney

The UTS Master of Animation and Visualisation has been developed in partnership with Animal Logic and is offered through the UTS Animal Logic Academy. The course develops collaborative problem-solving skills and expertise through creative and technical collaborative work in a custom-built studio with real-world production work structures and creative and technical projects, under the guidance and mentorship of practitioners and creative leaders from the industry, including Animal Logic.
The course provides challenges and opportunities that encourage exploration and skills-building across the spectrum of roles in digital production, animation, visual effects and emerging visualisation disciplines. Collaborative work practices guide the development of strong competencies in critical thinking, problem solving, design thinking and effective communication in a production environment. Graduates are able to work productively and effectively in a professional workplace environment.

Areas of study

Animation, visualisation, digital content pipeline, digital production, emerging content technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, critical thinking and problem solving, visual effects, dynamic workflow environments, collaborative work practice.

The Studio Experience

The academy offers a one year intensive Master of Animation and Visualisation (MAV) that offers a structured collaborative experience in creative problem-solving with technical challenges designed to build skills across traditional and emerging animation, CGI, and visual effects work flows. Undertaken in an educationally grounded, production based curriculum, artists and IT professionals work together to respond to creative challenges that emerge from the studio practice and are undertaken with the guidance of industry leaders. Creative projects have included traditional CGI for film, VR, AR/MR, visualisation and immersive/experiential environment challenges.
The MAV is aimed at artists and IT professionals with existing skills
and experience in the creative visualisation space and offers an opportunity to work collaboratively to develop creative professional practice, conceptual skills, and technical dexterity. Graduates emerge as part of the next generation of smart creatives ready to innovate in a traditional professional role or help drive the development of new industry sectors.
The MAV is offered on an annual basis and commences each year in January until the end of November. It operates as a full time program over three structured studio experiences with studio participation from 9:00AM - 5:00PM, Monday to Friday with one week breaks at the end of the first and second studios.


Graduates gain skills that can be applied across a range of roles, from animation and software development to data visualisation, data science and across emerging technologies. Graduates emerge as part of the next generation of smart creative ready to innovate in a traditional professional role or help drive the development of new industry sectors.

Weitere Informationen zum Programm findest du auch direkt auf den Seiten der UTS.