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Der Master of Engineering und Master of Information Technology an der University of Technology Sydney

Major in Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks are nothing new, but their consequences are more significant than ever.

The evolving cyber landscape has increased our ability for interconnectivity, smart technologies and efficiencies in our homes and global community. But as the cyber landscape advances, so does the need for greater security measures that provide the framework protecting the very fabric of our
new smart society.

The major in Cyber Security is designed to cover a complete cyber security solution. It will give you a critical understanding of information governance and assurance, combined with technology risk management practices. The major is broken into three main areas; policy (20%),
application (30%) and technology (50%).

Be in demand
Cyber security is top of the agenda for industry and government. They understand that technology alone is not enough and skilled people are critical for success. That’s where you come in.

Interdisciplinary expert
Graduate with an understanding of cross-disciplinary cyber security bridging engineering and IT fields. Develop technical knowledge and key skills in analytics, creative problem solving, communication and leadership, valued by employers.

Be among the best

Experts in the field of cyber security teach this major. We have a strong academic alliance with Juniper Networks preparing students to use state of the art course materials and lab environment. The curriculum is updated to align with environmental and policy changes with input from leading employers and cyber security experts.

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