Master des Monats

Der Master of Marine and Antarctic Science der University of Tasmania

This is the only masters degree in the world which uniquely combines marine science with a focus on the southern ocean and Antarctica. You’ll have access to industry-leading facilities at the Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies (IMAS) and internationally recognised experts to help you kick-start your career.

The Master of Marine and Antarctic Science provides:

  • Practical skills alongside theoretical studies to broaden your experience and give you the edge when it comes to employment
  • More than lectures, labs and tutorials with study trip units that take learning to the Southern Ocean and into Australia's largest fisheries, aquaculture and seafood industries
  • Contacts, work experience and research links in Australia's largest fisheries and aquaculture industries (based in Tasmania)
  • Access to our international partner organisations and internationally recognised marine science organisations based in Tasmania
  • One year project, individual research-based thesis or group industry-relevant project

You'll have the choice to study one of the following three streams: Marine Biology, Fisheries Management or Sustainable Aquaculture.

About IMAS

  • Class sizes are small
  • We offer a professional accreditation in Scientific Diving that students can get while studying!
  • Access to a huge pool of specialised academics, largest cluster of marine scientists in the southern hemisphere.
  • Direct interaction and personal relationships with staff due to small class sizes
  • Significantly international, industry and Government connections due to the depth and breadth of research activity
  • IMAS work closely with the Australian Antarctic Division and CSIRO

Career opportunities

  • Antarctic administration and policy
  • Aquaculture
  • Australian Antarctic Division
  • Biologist (marine and plant)
  • Climate research
  • CSIRO marine and atmospheric research
  • Environmental conservation
  • Fisheries management (commercial and sport)
  • Geologist
  • Glaciologist
  • Marine and freshwater research
  • Marine conservation
  • Physicist
  • State and Federal Government departments
  • Tourism


  • Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR) inaugural university rankings (2017) have listed IMAS areas in top 10 globally: Marine and Freshwater Biology (4th), Oceanography (7th), Fisheries (7th)
  • QS World Rankings (2018) have ranked UTAS' "Earth and Marine Sciences" at number 42
  • ARWU – Oceanography (13)

About Tasmania

  • Hobart is the gateway city to the East Antarctic (IMAS students with relevant research projects may get the opportunity to go to Antarctica)
  • Tasmania is home to Australia's largest fisheries and aquaculture industry
  • Australia has the world's third largest marine jurisdiction
  • Tasmanian marine systems have high biodiversity and endemism
  • Tasmania is a hot spot for climate change research and understanding

Weitere Informationen zum Programm findest du auch direkt auf den Seiten der University of Tasmania.