Elise von der Swinburne University im GOstralia! Büro zu Gast

Elise verrät im Interview was euch an der Swinburne in Melbourne alles erwartet und was sie am meisten vermisst wenn sie auf Reisen ist.

GOstralia!: What do you miss the most when you are travelling?
Elise Gumm: I would definitely have to say the food! Melbourne is known for being the ‘foodie capital’ of Australia! Anything from food trucks to gourmet restaurants, to street food and burgers, fancy brunches of smashed avocado on toast, you name it! So I think I definitely miss the food the most while I’m travelling.

GOstralia!: Swinburne is one of the most popular destinations for our students. What do you think are some of the reasons for that?
Elise Gumm: Great question! I think there are a few things that make Swinburne a popular location for students…the first is that we are located in the world’s most liveable city (Melbourne) so we are right in the heart of Melbourne, only 10 minutes by train from the city centre! Our campus is compact and modern, with a close campus feel, lots of students around!
Another thing is that we are one of the more affordable universities in Melbourne, and in Australia- so that definitely helps!
Another reason is that students are able to choose subjects/classes from all of our study areas and course offerings, so you can really choose classes you like!

GOstralia!: Are there special events or activities for international students?
Elise Gumm: Yes, we have heaps! We work with a company called REAL, who offer student trips all throughout the semester. This ranges from trips to meet local Aussie wildlife- you can get up close with kangaroos and koalas! There are learn-to-surf trips, a scenic trip along the Great Ocean Road.
We also have a club called SwinMates, which brings local students and international students together so it gives you the chance to meet local Aussie students as well.
Then there is also O-Week, where there are lots of activities happening on campus and this is a great chance to meet other students!

GOstralia!: Financing is always a big topic for students. What are the tuition fees and are there any scholarships/funding available?
Elise Gumm: Swinburne offers both a 4 course option and a 3 course option, so you are conscious of your budget, the 3 course option is more affordable. The 3 course option is typically 100% covered by BAföG. You can also chat to the team at GOstralia! to ask about any other funding that may be available, such as other scholarships, or funding from the German side that you might be eligible for.

GOstralia!: Any special tips for students coming to Swinburne?
Elise Gumm: Well the fact that you have chosen Australia is already a huge thing! Get involved in your studies for sure, but make sure you make the most of your time here! Get involved in activities, join a club, go on some trips and see the country! Throw yourself in to the adventure and really make the most of it! We hope to see you at Swinburne!