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The University of Melbourne is committed to delivering innovative and inspiring research that addresses the major social, economic and environmental challenges of our time.

The Faculty of Business and Economics houses leading research centres and institutions that have been powering social and economic change for over 50 years.

Graduate Research Degrees

The Melbourne Business School is home to a wide range of specialist research centres that offer graduate research degrees in the following disciplines:

Every year, students are carefully selected for admission into our program across the disciplines. Each successful applicant is currently offered a full scholarship including living expenses of AUD 30,000 per year and full fee remission for the duration of their course of study.

Key features:

  • Our program prepares you for a research career in business and economics through its innovative combination of two years of advanced coursework followed by a thesis supervised by a panel of internationally renowned researchers.
  • The program has a strong culture of collaboration and interdisciplinarity. You will have the opportunity to work closely with other members of the University, as well as have access to study abroad at our wide range of institutional partners.
  • The campus is situated in the heart of Melbourne, one of the world’s most liveable cities, which is famous for its food and wine, iconic laneways, multi-cultural atmosphere, and a dynamic music and arts scene.

We are proud of our record of placing graduates in the world’s leading academic institutions, such as prestigious universities including the Australian National University, Manchester, Singapore Management University and Pittsburgh, or with prominent employers such as Goldman Sachs, State Street Boston, and the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance.

The first thing an applicant should do is visit the University of Melbourne’s Study web site for their doctoral program of choice. There are tabs for ‘Entry Requirements’ for that discipline and on ‘How to Apply’ which takes you through the steps. For questions about the application process, applicants should email, and a helpful member of the Graduate Research Team will respond very speedily!

Available Funding Options

The Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Melbourne offers a number of scholarships for international research students. Detailed information


“When starting a PhD, one question that most likely comes to everybody’s mind is: “Will I be up to the task of finishing a PhD?” My advice is to have some respect for the task at hand, but not too much. It is good to read relevant literature and to find academics in one’s field who can serve as models, but it is at least as important to leave room for one’s own ideas and to develop the self-confidence to pursue them.”
Dr Miriam Guenther, PhD 2016, Department of Management and Marketing

“Without the PhD, understanding the complex models and underlying mathematics that I use on a regular basis would have been a much more daunting prospect.
The aspect of my PhD that stood out the most to me was the quality of my supervisor. He gave me the freedom to pursue topics that interested me, while offering more guidance and direction when I needed it. He also promoted a good balance between understanding the underlying mathematical theory and accounting for the practicalities of implementation.The PhD would not have been as enjoyable and rewarding as it was if not for his expertise and guidance.”

Navin Ranasingh, Quantitative Analyst, UBS London