RMIT Research

As a global university of technology, design and enterprise, RMIT University brings unique capabilities to research through a transdisciplinary approach.

Some key areas of research strengths:

•    Chemical Sciences
•    Biological Sciences
•    Environmental Sciences
•    Physical Sciences
•    Social Sciences
•    Creative Arts and Writing

RMIT’s academic expertise, strong links to research partners and consideration of technological and social dimensions enables them to find solutions to critical problems impacting communities and the environment.
RMIT PhD candidates are encouraged to investigate solutions to real world problems and offer high levels of industry-engaged work (more than 40% of candidates across all disciplines are engaged with industry.

Over 20 Schools deliver structured PhD programs that includes research methods and techniques courses and regular, formal progress milestones. There are also opportunities to undertake your PhD as a joint-badged program with a growing range of overseas universities. RMIT has partnerships in India, China, Germany, Netherlands and Austria.  Also exploring partnerships in Italy, Spain (Catalunya), France and Brazil.

Available funding options:

RMIT offers a variety of research scholarships to give our candidates opportunities to pursue excellence in their research while furthering their academic and career goals. Students can refer to information on Scholarships and Support on our website here.

RMIT offers the following scholarships specifically for International students:


Available postdoc positions:

All RMIT research positions are advertised on the RMIT jobs pages


Johanne Trippas is a PhD researcher in Computer Science at RMIT University. For Johanne, RMIT is a place where she can pursue her dreams of a world in which everyone has the ability to access information. With the support from her supervisors, she works toward developing a sophisticated conversational search system.