UNSW Research

UNSW is a member of the Group of Eight (Go8) research intensive universities in Australia.

UNSW is also a member of Universitas21, the Global Alliance of Technological Universities (GlobalTech) and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU).

Established in 1949 with a unique focus on the scientific, technological and professional disciplines, UNSW has a proud tradition of sustained innovation, through world-class research and research facilities that focus on areas critical not only to Australia and the region but also internationally.  These areas range from:

  • climate change, environmental and sustainability, renewable energies and renewable materials,
  • life-saving medical treatments and therapies;
  • ground breaking technologies and new processes;
  • world-leading health and social policies.

The University's award-winning researchers are strongly represented in national and international prizes, honours and fellowships.

We continue to build on our reputation for world-class research in key areas of research strength that are critical to the future, using our close links with industry and other institutions to ensure our work has practical application and impact.  

Most of our research is concentrated in the following areas of strength:


  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Water, Climate, Environment and Sustainability
  • Next Generation Materials and Technologies
  • Social Policy, Government and Health Policy
  • ICT, Robotics and Devices
  • Law, Business and Economics
  • Fundamental and Enabling Sciences
  • Contemporary Humanities and Creative Arts
  • Defence and Security

Available funding options

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Available postdoc positions

Available postdoc and other positions in the area of research at UNSW can be found here.